Emergency Dental Care - Pinner Road Dental
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Emergency Dental Care

If you have any of the following (or any other) dental emergencies, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you:


Toothache: If you have toothache, there is likely to be something wrong with your tooth. We recommend you contact us immediately. In the meantime, we would recommend you take painkillers such as Ibuprofen (for non-asthmatics) or Paracetamol. Never exceed the dose.


Chipped or Broken Teeth: The tooth may look worse than it is, but try not to worry, there are usually many options available to restore the tooth. If the area is painful avoid hot/cold food and drinks and try eating on the other side to relieve pressure on the damaged tooth. Painkillers may also help.


Painful Gums Swelling or bleeding: Swellings are usually caused by infection, contact us immediately to receive treatment or antibiotics.


Lost Crown, Veneer and Bridge: Try to keep your crown/veneer/bridge safe so it can be recemented as soon as possible. Call us as soon as possible to make a convenient appointment.


Broken Dentures: We hope to be able to repair these for you. Call us for an appointment to assess the denture and organize its repair for you.


Knocked out tooth: If you have had a tooth knocked, try to hold it by the crown only if possible. If you are comfortable to reposition the tooth, do so; if not, place the tooth in milk or saline and contact us as soon as possible.


Loose tooth: if the tooth is causing you pain/discomfort or difficulty with eating, please contact us.